Risk Insurance/Business Continuity

Our experience in this area is unique. We have developed the risk insurance and business continuity plans covering more than one billion dollars in revenue and business assets. Our plans were tested with Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Rita in Lake Charles; Hurricane Wilma in Pompano Park/Boca Raton, and most recently with the spring 2010 floods in Nashville. With each test we were successful in protecting assets, managing business disruption, and settling the insurance claims in the best interest of our business.

We will be able to offer the benefits of our experience to client companies:

  • Audit current risk insurance program for cost and proper coverage. Recommend and assist with implementation of a program that best meets the need of your business. This includes property and casualty, crime coverage, directors and officers, business interruption, and all other coverages that protect the business at a reasonable cost.
  • Design and develop business continuity plan for any size organization.
  • Prepare and negotiate claim settlement following an insurance loss. Ensure you receive the best value for your claim in a timely manner.
  • Act as independent 3rd party or auditor with current insurance broker and carrier.

Contact us to learn more about how you can begin achieving these results.