What We Do

Organizational and Personal Development

RFB LLC Management and Human Resources Consulting is a partner and independent affiliate of Resource Associates Corporation. The partnership combines more than 30 years of experience and accomplishments with some of the leading corporations in America, known for market best practices and being employer’s of choice of RFB President and Principal Consultant Robert Boone. The proven tools and processes of Resources Associates Corporation (RAC) provides organizations and individuals with an opportunity to harness their energy and apply their skills and knowledge to improve outcomes. RFB Management and HR Consulting offers a number of comprehensive development processes with a focus on:

  • Executive and Management Coaching
  • Executive and Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Rising Stars/Youth Leadership
  • Goals/Goal Setting
  • Attitude Development
  • Skills Improvement

Organizational and Personal Development
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Human Resources

Human ResourcesManaging human capital continues to be a challenge for every organization regardless of the number of employees and amount of revenue. We can help you manage the processes to ensure you are in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations while integrating your human resources practices into the operation of the business and market best practices. We have experience and success in helping establish companies as employers of choice. Click here to learn more ...

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